A Dependable Ally In Construction Accident Cases

The rigors of construction work are well known in Southern California. Construction workers subject themselves to on-the-job risks in environments filled with danger due to elements, faulty equipment and difficult conditions on road and building projects. A vast number sustain injuries from falls, being struck by objects or crushed by equipment, and electrocution.

Many of these injuries are catastrophic, leading to severe fractures and traumatic brain injury or even death. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer who will fight for you to obtain fair and just compensation for injuries caused by the negligence of others. The Schenck Law Firm in Newport Beach is led by Douglas A. Schenck, who has more than 20 years of experience in personal injury law. He understands that insurance companies are never looking out for your best interests.

Battle-Tested And Experienced In The Courtroom

We will make a difference for construction workers injured as the result of the negligence of third parties such as subcontractors that provide defective equipment and subscribe to poor safety standards. An experienced litigator, Mr. Schenck will aggressively represent you, thoroughly investigate your case and attempt to maximize recovery.

Injured construction workers throughout Southern California have a dependable ally and advocate in Mr. Schenck. We will go after the negligent subcontractors and other responsible parties who have turned your family’s lives upside down.

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If injured in an on-the-job construction accident in Southern California, you need an experienced and reliable personal injury attorney. With more than 20 years of experience in personal injury law, The Schenck Law Firm in Newport Beach is a results-driven firm committed to obtaining fair and just compensation for your injury. We are available 24/7. Remember that you pay no attorney fees unless we win your case. For a free initial consultation, call a lawyer at 949-652-7531. Se habla español.