Advocating For You In Serious Brain Injury Cases

All it takes is a sudden blow to the head. A brain injury is the likely result. You may immediately feel its effects, or it may take days or weeks for the injury to surface. Either way, you may have a traumatic injury that stemmed from a slip-and-fall incident, a motor vehicle accident or workplace accident. Now you need a skilled personal injury lawyer.

The Schenck Law Firm in Newport Beach, California, has the knowledge and experience to represent you in traumatic brain injury cases. These are complex cases that require skilled abilities from a personal injury attorney who has more than 20 years of experience. Our founding attorney, Douglas A. Schenck, will help you and your family overcome this catastrophic injury that has led to mounting medical bills and possible permanent disability. We will take on all negligent parties that were responsible for your accident.

Complex Cases Require Skilled Legal Representation

A brain injury may affect your life in many ways. Impaired vision, poor concentration, mood swings and depression may surface. You may no longer be able to work, or even safely hold your children.

You need to get the appropriate medical treatment to regain aspects of your everyday life. Mr. Schenck is attentive and client-focused. He understands that brain injury cases are complex, but he will do his best to recover a maximum settlement. If that’s not possible, he will take your case to trial.

With 20 Years Of Experience, You Know You Have A Good Lawyer

A brain injury can affect your lifestyle, earnings ability and family. It can happen at a moment’s notice in a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident or slip-and-fall incident. This is the time you need an experienced personal injury attorney to take on negligent parties and insurance companies. The Schenck Law Firm in Newport Beach, California, has more than 20 years of experience working such complex cases. If he doesn’t win your case, you pay no attorney fees. He’s available 24/7. For a free initial consultation, call a lawyer at 949-652-7531. Se habla español.