Answering Your FAQs About Accidents

There are dangerous intersections in Orange County and throughout California. Some of them, including a few along Bristol Street, are here in Newport Beach. That has led to some serious accidents.

Many people who have been in traffic accidents come to the The Schenck Law Firm with questions. Our experienced personal injury attorneys represent clients all over Southern California, and we can answer your questions.

Here Are Some Common Questions

What should I do if I was injured in an accident?

First, seek immediate medical attention. You could have internal injuries or a concussion. The signs and symptoms often do not show up for days and sometimes weeks. Your doctor can also document your injuries and that will support your case. Next, call the The Schenck Law Firm.

How long should I wait before talking to an attorney?

Call us immediately! As soon as you call us, we will begin working on your case. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that evidence will get lost. It will also be more difficult to locate witnesses. These is also a statue of limitations. You have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. If someone died, you have two years from the date of the death. The longer you wait, the more unlikely it is that your case will go forward.

How do I know if I have a case?

Our experienced personal injury and traffic accident attorneys will look at the facts of your case. We will discuss your options. Together we can set your best course of action. We will work with you to hold the responsible parties liable. If they caused your injuries, we will work to secure fair and just compensation. If you have a case, we will aggressively defend your rights. We can negotiate with their insurance company too.

What if I am contacted by the insurance company?

Remember, the insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. That includes your own insurer. Most agents and adjusters are trying to get you to say or do something that will lessen their financial obligation. They are a business, and they are trying to protect their bottom line. Also, do not sign anything. You need to protect yourself. Hire our law firm or another experienced personal injury attorney immediately and we will talk to the insurance companies for you.

How much will it cost me to talk to your firm?

The initial consultation for personal injury cases is free.

I can’t afford an attorney. How will I pay your fee?

We accept personal injury cases on a contingency basis. There are no attorney fees unless we collect compensation for you. A percentage of your settlement or a decision at trial will be paid to us.

Are there other expenses that I might need to pay for in my case?

There could be fees to obtain medical records and to compensate expert witnesses. There could also be court costs. In many cases, we can advance those expenses to you. We will review these costs with you and explain your options during the consultation.

How long will my case last?

All cases are different. We cannot place a timeline on your case. As soon as you hire us, we will begin working on your case. We will negotiate to get you a fair settlement. Once we get an offer that you agree to, your case will end rather quickly.

The case will last longer if it goes to trial. Even if that happens, you will only have to come to our office two or three times to answer some oral and written questions before the trial. The final trial preparation, however, will require more time. We also want you to know that we will continue to negotiate a settlement right until your case goes to trial.

Will my case go to court?

Most cases never reach court. They are settled in advance. There is always the chance your case will go to trial, especially if the insurance company refuses to negotiate a fair settlement. We will advise you and make sure your best interests are considered.

Will I hurt the person or company I’m suing?

Most of these people are insured and their insurance company is responsible for your settlement. They carry insurance to cover these situations. They are likely to only be responsible for their deductible. Also keep in mind that these are civil claims and criminal consequences are unlikely.

Why do I need to hire an attorney?

People are often tempted to try to make decisions in personal injury cases without legal advice. They receive what seems to be a fair offer from an insurance company and accept it without talking to an attorney. Most people do not know how much their case could be worth. They do not always realize that their injuries could be ongoing. They might need money to cover future, related medical and living expenses.

If my medical bills were paid by insurance, do I still have a claim?

You might still be able file a personal injury claim against the party that caused your injuries. If you do, your health insurance provider might try to recover the money they spent on your case. You might also be able to collect other types of compensation, including money for lost wages, scarring, disfigurement, future medical expenses and pain and suffering.

What is my claim worth?

Every case is different, and the facts will determine how much you can recover. Do you have permanent injuries or scarring? What is the liability of the defendant? What are your current and future medical expense? Will you be able to return to work? If so, how soon? These are all factors that must be factored into your claim.

We will discuss settlement proposals with you. We will thoroughly investigate the evidence, the details and the records and make our recommendation. We can tell you if an offer is suitable or if it is your best interest to go to trial. The final decision, however, is up to you.

How long does a case take?

From the time the lawsuit is filed, until it is resolved, it could take from a year to three years. The length of time depends on how crowded the court docket is, and whether the insurance company is willing to settle the claim.

From where do you accept cases?

Our firm has handled cases from throughout California. We have also so tried cases in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington. We often work with litigators and co-counsel from across the country to resolve cases.

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