As a driver in California, you face numerous risks every time you hit the road. Other drivers are often the biggest potential risk factor. Even one driver engaging in distracted driving has the potential to cause a crash.

In specific, drowsy drivers hold responsibility in no small part for crashes. If your path crosses with a drowsy driver, you may find yourself up against a bigger risk than you could imagine.

How many people drive drowsy?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discuss risks and preventative measures related to drowsy driving. For example, one chief concern of the CDC is the prevalence of drowsy driving. According to a study done, 1 in 25 surveyed adults claimed to fall asleep while driving within 30 days. The adults ranged from age 18 and above. This shows that it is not an issue based on age. Speculation points to sleep disorders and poor sleep schedules, instead. Anyone who gets less than 6 hours of sleep a night or snores is at particular risk of drowsy driving.

Drowsy driving crash statistics

So how do these drowsy drivers impact you, then? The CDC states that drowsy driving is behind upwards of 83,000 annual crashes. 37,000 of these crashes involve injury. Up to 6,000 of these crashes may involve fatalities.

Unfortunately, drowsy drivers are sometimes hard to spot on the road. This makes them a danger you may struggle to avoid. Experts suggest giving cars a wide berth if they are driving erratically. Also, retain extra wariness during hours in which shift workers may head to or from work.