Traffic accidents can be devastating at any age. The people affected most tend to be children and teenagers. If you are a young driver or your teen is on the road, there are laws you need to understand that can prevent problems.

Busy roads and teen drivers are a dangerous mix

When an inexperienced driver faces high-risk situations, the outcome can be devastating. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that about 300,000 teen drivers made visits to emergency rooms in 2017. There were also over 2,300 deaths that year.

Provisional licenses have added restrictions for young drivers

Drivers under 18 must start with a provisional license. It is important that the driver and their parents know the restrictions and how they affect driving privileges.

Provision Driving License limitations include:

  • No passengers under 20 for the first 12 months unless a licensed driver over 25 is in the car.
  • Driving is prohibited between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. for the first 12 months. It is allowed if the driver has a signed, dated note that explains the reason for the trip.
  • A learner’s permit is required for at least 12 months or until the driver turns 18.
  • No alcohol in the vehicle.

To receive a full driver’s license:

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Complete the requirements for a permit and a provisional license.
  • No alcohol in the vehicle.

Teens who are fully licensed cannot drive between midnight and 6 am. They also cannot have young passengers in their car with a parent for the first year. They also cannot use any mobile device. Understanding these restrictions can help you and your teen overcome legal issues.