Many people enjoy riding their motorcycles in mountainous areas due to impressive views and fresh air. However, there are a number of reasons why motorcyclists are especially vulnerable in mountains and many have lost their lives or sustained serious injuries in collisions. 

Aside from the various risks associated with driving or riding in mountains, such as inclement weather and falling rocks, the behavior of others on the road also causes a lot of crashes. In this post, we will touch on some of the risk factors motorcyclists face in the mountains. 

Snow, ice, fog and other concerns 

For starters, mountains are often very dangerous as a result of poor weather conditions. When mountain roads are covered in snow, most motorcyclists do not have any interest in attempting to ride on the roads. However, many mountains see snowfall in warmer months and some motorcyclists and drivers are caught off-guard by lingering snow and ice. In fact, ice is not always easy to detect. Moreover, fog and other weather hazards (such as heavy rain) increase the odds of traffic accidents throughout the year. 

Careless drivers 

On mountains, even when conditions are good motorcyclists have to watch out for careless drivers. For example, tourists who lack familiarity with the area sometimes drive erratically or too fast around sharp turns. Moreover, falling rocks and other debris on the road pose a threat to the safety of motorcyclists. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident that occurred on a mountain, reviewing your legal options is important and filing suit against a careless driver helps many victims recover from the myriad of challenges they are facing. Our website explores motorcycle crashes and the related consequences in greater detail.