Losing a loved one to a California construction site fall is something no family should ever experience. It can be even more traumatic knowing that if your family member’s manager had taken proper safety measures, he or she could still be alive today. We know that you have much more on your mind besides assigning fault for your loved one’s death, and we have seen the many difficulties families experience during this distressing time. 

What safety measures exist that prevent falls? 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, not only are falls the primary cause of fatalities in the construction industry, employers can prevent them. A fall from a mere six feet is enough to severely injure or kill a construction worker. 

OSHA issued detailed standards for companies in the construction sector that help them identify potential fall risks in any work site. In addition, they provide information on what type of protection employers must provide to workers in areas where they could fall. OSHA also gives guidelines for training employees on how to recognize those risks and use the necessary fall protection equipment. 

Who is responsible for these safety standards? 

Unfortunately, there are many ways some contractors fall short with these policies, putting construction workers in needless danger. Your loved one may have received substandard safety gear that was poorly maintained. He or she may not have learned how the equipment works or how to wear it correctly. Sometimes, the manufacturers allow gear with flaws to leave the factory. Sadly, these defects are often unknown to both contractors and workers until it is too late. 

Instead of relying solely on employers and equipment producers, construction workers should empower themselves by learning as much as possible about staying safe on the job. Visit our webpage for more information on the risks and outcomes of falls on a construction site.