California sees more sunny days than other parts of the country. You may decide to take advantage of the favorable weather to avoid traffic in bustling cities by riding your bike. Be careful before you opt to use a hands-free device while cycling. 

The California Bicycle Coalition states that you can use your phone while riding. Keep in mind that you must yield to pedestrians on any crosswalk. Bicyclists cannot use headphones that cover both ears while riding. You must wear a helmet that can impact the use of a hands-free device requiring headphones. 

Using a cell phone while riding may make steering the bicycle difficult. While it is not illegal to ride and chat on the phone, you may run into a vehicle, person or object causing damage or injury. Some municipalities allow you to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk which can pose additional obstacles to avoid while riding. 

While riding your bike, you must take advantage of bike lanes when available and in the direction of traffic. However, if your bike is gas-powered or electric, the laws vary slightly though they still have access to street bike lanes. No bicycle has permission to ride on the highways and freeways of any city in the state. 

If you plan to use a cell phone while riding, be safe and stay alert to your surroundings to avoid an accident. Bicycles are an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, but they are not without their disadvantages.