When stories are told about the dangers and risks of truck driving in California, a lot of emphases is usually centered on a driver’s experience, vigilance and responsibility. However, there are other important factors that drivers should be adequately educated about including proper health and sleep habits. Interestingly, self-care can have much more of an impact on a driver’s safety than many may realize. 

Maintaining good health is a combination of several factors and truck drivers can benefit from all of them including the following: 

  • They should get enough restful sleep and take adequate breaks as needed.  
  • They should do some form of exercise or participate in a rejuvenating physical activity at some point during each day.  
  • They should eat properly and frequently enough to keep blood sugar levels stable.  
  • They should drink plenty of water and refrain from using medications that could reduce their ability to focus.  

Easy Freight offers readers some helpful tips for maintaining their health even when they spend the majority of their time sitting and driving a truck. One of their suggestions is for drivers to keep a cooler nearby with a reliable supply of healthy and filling snacks. These could include items like hard-boiled eggs, beef jerky, raw nuts and dried fruit. 

The insurance company Esurance, also suggests that when drivers have the chance to spend time at home, that they spend it doing things that are constructive, restful and enjoyable so they are refreshed and satisfied when it is time for them to take another trip. Truck drivers that implement healthy habits may be able to lessen their risks of being involved in a preventable accident because they are able to make more confident and engaged decisions.