Californian drivers like you understand that truck-related crashes can be deadly. But what exactly factors into how dangerous these trucks can be? Today, we at the Schenck Law Firm will take a look at various parties that can potentially be held responsible for a truck crash due to their contribution to risk factors.

Of course, truck drivers are the number one suspect on people’s minds when they consider who is responsible for a crash with a truck. Driver errors can stem from fatigue or the use of drugs or alcohol. They may happen because a driver is engaging in speeding or reckless driving in an attempt to finish a route faster. They may simply be distracted.

However, the packing and shipment company can be held liable as well. If they don’t load a truck properly, the unbalanced cargo can easily cause the entire vehicle to tip over or be unable to brake and steer correctly and quickly.

Of course, maintenance and mechanic companies can also be at fault if they don’t repair problems that they know about. This includes issues like faulty brakes or troubles with the steering system.

Finally, there is the truck driver’s parent company. They can be held liable for failing to train drivers, failing to maintain the trucking fleet properly, or knowingly hiring and employing drivers who are dangerous or inexperienced.

If you have gotten involved in a crash with a truck and believe that another party was responsible for the incident, consider contacting an attorney. They may be able to help you seek compensation for the damages you accrued.