California residents like you share the road with plenty of vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Though you expect to get to your destination safely despite the mix of cars and drivers out there, this, unfortunately, may not always happen because of the growth and impact of certain dangerous behaviors like fatigued driving.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration takes a look at driver fatigue, a problem that has been growing more pronounced as more drivers crowd the state’s roads. While fatigue is a problem among all drivers, it is particularly problematic among truck drivers. Why is this, exactly?

Simply put, it’s because a truck driver is in control of a bigger, heavier, and all-around deadlier vehicle. When a driver in a regular pedestrian vehicle potentially dozes off behind the wheel, the consequences can be severe. But when a truck driver nods off, the end result can be catastrophic. The size of a truck alone can mean that entire lanes of an interstate become blocked off or that many other vehicles are hit at once.

Unfortunately, truck drivers are also particularly susceptible to fatigue. This is partially because industry standards sometimes reward truck drivers for potentially dangerous behaviors, valuing the speed of a delivery even at the potential cost of a driver’s ability to get enough rest.

If you have been harmed in a crash caused by a truck driver who was struggling with fatigue, consider contacting an attorney. They can help you prepare a case and pursue the damages that you deserve.