In California and across the U.S., truckers are manipulating the safety tech in their vehicles. It all stems from an extreme dislike or distrust of the technology. Many are referencing YouTube videos to disable their steering-wheel sensors, in-cab cameras, radar and lane departure warning devices.

For example, some truckers will cut the wires to the camera or slide a business card behind it so that it never records their actions. They may remove the cover to the radar, place aluminum foil inside the cover and put it back on. Others will circumvent lane departure warnings by jamming paper inside the system. Some also unplug the speakers, plugging them back in again before coming back in the shop.

One factor in this trend of widespread distrust of safety tech may be a lack of training. This view was put forward at a safety systems seminar during the annual gathering of the Technology & Maintenance Council in Atlanta. The speaker, who spent 15 years instructing drivers in heavy-duty truck systems, says that truck fleet owners must properly introduce the technology.

Owners must therefore explain to drivers what each device can and cannot do. For example, truckers all too often think of driver assist systems as a replacement for the driver.

The failure to create a safety-minded work culture could result in more accidents. Unfortunately, truck crashed often result in catastrophic injuries for innocent victims. There are laws in place that allow such victims to seek compensation. They must file a claim within two years of an accident. Legal counsel could help a victim obtain compensation for losses like medical expenses and lost wages.